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Visual organization
for Creative minds A private place in the cloud for you and your team to organize your projects, research and inspiration.

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All your content in one place

Web Plugin
Save images, text, videos and websites with our web-plugins (Chrome, Safari & Firefox)
Drop and preview all your files in the cloud together with all your research
Write your thoughts down inside icebergs together with the rest of your content

Organize Yourself

Visually highlight what’s important
Create groups of Icedrops with a simple Drag & Drop
Advanced Search
Get everything that matches your search visually highlighted. Search through the titles, comments and collaborators
Multiple Edit
Manage your content faster and easier with the powerful multiple edit mode

Share and Collaborate

Invite your friends or team to your Icebergs and collaborate on your projects.
Icebergs allows you to add comments to every icedrop so everyone is on the same page
Multiple Accounts
Keep your personal project and your team separated and organized
You can share a single Icedrop or an entire Iceberg with anyone you want
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  • Tina Roth Eisenberg @swissmiss

    Icebergs, an interesting looking service that lets you visually organize stuff in the cloud

  • Soh Tanaka @sohtanaka

    I love Icebergs. That is all. #designtool #archive #goodshit #webdesign #graphicdesign #typography #whateveryouwant

  • Ben Pieratt @pieratt

    Icebergs looks rad